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Our client list is long and growing. It includes the following federal agencies:

  • Energy (regional offices)
  • Agriculture (Office of Inspector General)
  • Health and Human Services (Office of Inspector General)
  • Homeland Security (Office of Inspector General/Inspections)
  • Transportation (Office of Inspector General)
  • Housing & Urban Development (Office of Inspector General)
  • General Services Administration (Office of Inspector General)
  • Government Accountability Office
  • Labor (Office of Inspector General)
  • Special Inspector General for the Troubled Asset Relief Program
  • Naval Audit Service, and
  • Veterans Affairs 

It also includes the Audit Offices of the States of:

  • Arizona
  • Delaware
  • Georgia
  • Minnesota
  • Virginia and
  • Texas

As well as the Cities of:

  • Philadelphia
  • San Francisco and
  • Los Angeles

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You always do such an awesome job.

Human Resources Coordinator
So Others Might Eat

Thank you for all the wonderful training sessions your company has provided for our staff. The comments from the staff have been universally positive. Staff have expressed that they learned a great deal and found the classes engaging as well as informative.

Deputy Executive Director
Local Campaign Finance Board

I am very happy with how last week's training went. I felt it was a very productive and enjoyable use of our time, and everything I have heard has been highly positive. As of today, we have come up with some action items for improving our writing process and are soliciting volunteers to serve on teams that can help facilitate the improvements.

Thank you again for delivering such a thought-provoking training and providing a format that encouraged a great deal of dialogue.

State Performance Audit Office

What an awesome training class! I feel much more informed leaving the class than I did upon entering it. I did take an auditing class in college, but that class did not provide me with any of the government information that I learned in this class. I also enjoyed how interactive the class was. I learned SO much.

Auditing Essentials
Naval Audit Service

Carole was probably the best instructor that I have had. She was enthusiastic, efficient and very effective. I took away more knowledge that I can recite off the top of my head than any other course that I have taken. I highly recommend having her teach any training for auditors. She made class lively and engaging. Her use of a variety of teaching techniques really allowed the material to resonate with all of the participants. I really feel like my interviewing techniques have improved significantly as a result of this class, and I am now much more confident about my ability to conduct productive and effective interviews.

Interviewing Techniques for Auditors class

The Northeast Intergovernmental Audit Forum Executive Committee expresses our sincere appreciation for your outstanding facilitation of a workshop on structured interviewing /dealing with difficult interviewees at our meeting last week. The information you shared was on target and helpful to participants. Your ability to fully engage a large audience is remarkable and resulted in rich dialogue and information sharing. Thank you for coming to Boston for this learning opportunity.

The Northeast Intergovernmental Audit Forum Executive Committee

Thank you for your training on presentation skills. I thought the training was very good, and it was especially useful for my presentation for Grad School. I was very relaxed and poised. I just thought about what you said about the audience--that they want you to succeed--and that kind of eased me through the presentation. I got good feedback from the professors and fellow students. Once again, thanks!

Financial Management and Comptroller
Naval Audit Service

The scores for your session were "off the chart" as usual. In fact, 98.4% scored you in category 4 or 5, and 75% had you in category 5 by itself. To save that we loved you would be an understatement!

Intergovernmental Audit Forum

Again I want to let you know that you did a wonderful job. Even though I've been in a supervisory role for many years, I found your course extremely interesting and informative. I hope to effectively apply the leadership skills and strategies which you discussed in daily practice. I'll give it my best shot.
Thanks again!

Supervisory Auditor
Controller's Office
City of Philadelphia

This training was well worth my time. Ms. Buncher has been doing this for a number of years, and she knows her stuff.

Senior executive
US Veterans Administration

Your class was great! It was informative, fun, something we can use on the job, and a nice change of pace. Thank you.

State employee participant
Interviewing Techniques training

I enjoyed the training and though I often think "I know it all" I did learn some very valuable concepts that I will be able to put into action immediately to make my presentations more professional.

I really don't have anything negative to say even though I would like to offer you something you could use to make the class better--I can't.

I did notice that you asserted your control over the class and class time like I have never experienced before. It was like every minute was valuable and when someone had something to contribute you allowed for it but limited the time to a minute or two. I was impressed with that even though it kept me from rambling on like I often like to do. People's time is valuable, and you made sure we got every dime's worth of class time coming to us. Thanks.

I am recommending your class to others. Thanks again. Very well done.

Information Security Specialist
US Department of Veterans Administration

Thanks again for the training sessions.  They were directly relevant to our work, enjoyable and informative.  I know we will be able to use many aspects of the training immediately.

Senior Analyst
Office of Program Evaluation and Government Accountability


Ms. Buncher,
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the outstanding guidance that you provided this week in my Presentation Skills Training Course. This course exceeded my expectations. I feel more confident about representing my Office at our upcoming conference. You pointed out some areas of improvement that I was not aware of and will work hard on improving. I believe that my colleagues and I walked away with much learned knowledge and skills. Again, thank you and I look forward to attending other professional training courses that your company may offer.

Information Technology Specialist

. . . so, once again, you have been the 'star' presenter at our conference.

Intergovernmental Audit Forum

 Our instructor was very knowledgeable and high-energy. She encouraged participation and was always pleasant and smiling.

Balanced Scorecard Workshop

Carole is the best instructor I have had. She has a stimulating and nurturing style.

Human resources Laws Workshop

Your session was selected as "liked the most" by evaluation respondents. Many of the respondents said they really enjoyed your presentation and commented on the usefulness of your subject matter.

Professional Development Conference
Chicago 2006

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